Pre-assessment for Skilled Migration
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“The Skilled Migration Program is designed to target migrants who have skills or outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy.”
“The migration to Australia of skilled people with the qualifications and attributes to succeed helps address specific skill shortages in Australia and enhances the size and skill level of the Australian labour force.”
- Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Sydney Harbour Bridge
60-70 percent of the total migrant population who arrive in Australia each year fall into skilled migration category.
Australian States & Territories
1. Title
2. Family Name
3. Given Name
4. Age
5. Contact Number
6. Email Address
7. Nationality
8. Currently Residing Country
9. Educational Qualification
10. Field of Studies
11. Where Did You Receive Your Post Secondary School Education?
12. English Language Ability
13. If Not Being a Native English Speaker, What is Your IELTS Result (if available)?
14. Your Usual Occupation
15. Your Employment History, Including Overseas Experience. Period, Position and Brief Job Description
16. Any Further Training Received? Please Describe
17. Any Membership or Licence Obtained. Please Describe
18. Any Sponsorship from an Australian Employer or Relative? If Yes, Please Describe
19. Your Preferable State to Live and Work in Australia
20. Willing to Move to a Regional Area, if That's an Option?
21. How Did You Come to Know AusVisa?
* Disclosure of clients/prospects' information without prior consent is a violation of law. All information provided by you will be kept strictly in confidentiality.