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Features of our services
Visa and Migration Services:
If you are overseas-
  • Consultation and advice on immigration law, visa options and visa application procedure
  • Assistance in documentation and lodgment
  • Liaison with Immigration Department on client's behalf
  • Liaison with other authorities involved, such as occupation assessment bodies and government authorities in charge
  • State sponsorship/nomination arrangement, if required
  • Citizenship application under special circumstances
  • Post-submission follow-ups and case progress briefing
  • Interpretation of letters and decisions from the Immigration Department
  • Advice on your rights and entitlements while in Australia
If you are within Australia-
  • Extending your visa, such as Resident Return Visa (RRV)
  • Changing your current temporary visa into another type of visa, e.g. from visitor visa to student visa
  • Changing provisional visa into permanent visa, e.g. spouse visa
  • Advice and support in on-shore application for permanent residency
  • Assistance in visa compliance issues, such as visa cancellations and waiver of conditions attached to a visa 
  • Services in translation and document certification
  • Re-settlement counseling and support
International Student Support:
If you are overseas-
  • Advice about options in education providers and study courses available in Australia
  • Obtaining offer letters from course providers on your behalf
  • Logistic backup and support to facilitate your re-settlement, such as arrangements for airport pickups and rented accommodation
If you are within Australia-
  • Changing education providers
  • Communicating on your behalf with education providers on policy breach issues
  • Advice on work rights you are entitled to while in Australia
  • Visa related issues, such as breach of visa conditions, family member visa application and guardian visa extension
  • Advice and support in obtaining working experience visa and permanent residency
Assistance in Tribunal Review:
  • Interpretation of decision letters from the Immigration Department
  • Assistance in documentation and lodgment of review application
  • Legal assistance in the process of Migration Review Tribunal
  • Interpretation of MRT letters and decisions
  • Liaison with authorities involved on your behalf through the appeal process
Other Services:
  • Support in translation and interpreting services
  • Services in document certification
  • Referral to points of contact and specialists for re-settlement and business matters 
(If you need special help other than those listed above, please feel free to contact us. We might be able to help you, or we can refer you to a specialist capable of handling your matter.)
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